Since our foundation in 1979, we have been uninterruptedly investing in technology thus getting global scale products and processes. The different sort of products led us to develop several advanced technologies.

Our most outstanding technologies are:

– Manual, automatic and progressive stamping from 125t. up to 500t

– Manual projection welding like CNC suitable for any kind of assembly STD type

– Fastening technologies with Tucker fasteners or STD Bollhoff seaming

– MIG/MAG welding through ABB ROBOT

– Electrodeposition of epoxy coating with pre- treated surface

– Automatic engraving and embossing equipment

– 3D CNC bending/curving of wire into steel cylinder

– Manual/automatic, portable/ lab metrology

– Weld testing laboratories

– Die-stamping with a capacity of 3800Hs/month

3D Bending

Tube Bending